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General queries

For general queries relating to the business of the Supreme Court, the Supreme Court Office may be contacted by email at or correspondence may be sent to:

Office of the Registrar of the Supreme Court

 Four Courts

 Inns Quay

 Dublin 7

 D07 N972


Case queries

For queries relating to cases, such as filing applications, appeal queries and listings, please contact +353 1 888 6568  or email

Correspondence addressed to the Chief Justice

Correspondence for the Chief Justice may be sent to:


 Office of the Chief Justice



 Four Courts



 Inns Quay



 Dublin 7



 D07 N972










In respect of any correspondence received by the Chief Justice, the Chief Justice may direct an appropriate official to reply to the correspondence on his behalf.

Please be advised that, because each judge is, subject to the Constitution and the law, independent in the exercise of his or her judicial functions, the Chief Justice does not deal with complaints relating to the conduct of, or decision reached, in any court case.

As the Constitution requires that justice be administered in public, the Chief Justice does not enter into correspondence with persons in relation to court proceedings and deals only with cases which have been brought before the Supreme Court in accordance with the procedures set out in the law and the Rules of Court.

Any correspondence received by the Office which requests the Chief Justice’s intervention in court proceedings will not be entertained. Similarly, requests for the Chief Justice to investigate or inquire into proceedings cannot be dealt with.


Judicial Conduct

The Chief Justice has no function of dealing with complaints in relation to other members of the Judiciary and there is no complaints procedure available through the Office of the Chief Justice.

There will, in due course, be a facility available pursuant to the Judicial Council Act 2019 for the making of a complaint to the Judicial Council in relation to the conduct of a judge. At this point in time the applicable sections of that Act have not been commenced and therefore that facility is not yet available. Any relevant information in relation to this facility will be set out in the Judicial Conduct Committee section on the Judicial Council's website at, and will be updated from time to time as matters progress.

Accordingly, any correspondence received by the Office of Chief Justice in relation to judicial conduct matters (such as allegations or complaints) cannot be dealt with by the Office and should be directed to the Judicial Conduct Committee of the Judicial Council.


Comhrá education and outreach initiative

Queries relating to the Supreme Court’s education and outreach initiative, Comhrá, can be directed to


Requests for Certificates of Good Standing

Legal practitioners who require a Certificate of Good Standing from the Chief Justice in order to apply to practice in other jurisdictions should familiarise themselves with the procedure introduced to deal with requests.

Certificate of Good Standing from the Chief Justice 

Applications for Certificates of Good Standing can be submitted by email to:


Requests for judicial participation in Academic Research Projects

Queries in relation to requests for judicial participation in academic research projects can be emailed to

Further information for researchers can be found at ;

Legal Research and Library Services