Current Judges of the Supreme Court

The Hon. Mr. Justice Donal O'Donnell
The Hon. Mr. Justice William McKechnie
The Hon. Mr. Justice John Mac Menamin 
The Hon. Ms. Justice Elizabeth Dunne

The Hon. Mr. Justice Peter Charleton

The Hon. Ms. Justice Iseult O’Malley

 Ex officio:

The President of the Court of Appeal, The Hon. Mr. Justice George Birmingham

The President of the High Court, The Hon. Mr. Justice Peter Kelly

O'Donnell J 2014


The Hon. Mr. Justice Donal O'Donnell

Mr. Justice Donal O'Donnell was born in Belfast and educated at St Mary's C.B.S. , University College Dublin (B.C.L.), King's Inns (B.L.) and the University of Virginia (LL.M).

He was called to the Irish Bar in 1982, commenced practice in 1983 and was called to the Bar of Northern Ireland in 1989.  He took silk in 1995 and has practised in all Courts in Ireland, in the European Court of Justice (ECJ) and the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR).

His father, Lord Justice Turlough O'Donnell, was a member of the Northern Ireland High Court and the Court of Appeal between 1971 and 1990 and subsequently became a part-time member of the Irish Law Reform Commission. Donal O'Donnell was a member of the Law Reform Commission from 2005 to 2012.

He became a Bencher of the King's Inns in 2009 and was appointed to the Supreme Court in 2010.



McKechnie J 2014


 The Hon. Mr. Justice William M. McKechnie

Mr. Justice McKechnie, who was born in 1951, was educated at Presentation Brothers College, University College Cork, from which he graduated in 1971, University College Dublin and King’s Inns, Dublin.

He was called to the Bar in 1972 and admitted to the Inner Bar in 1987. As a Barrister he practised in the area of commercial, chancery and local authority law, and had a special interest in medical negligence.

He held a number of senior positions in the Bar Council of Ireland for several years and was elected Chairman in 1999 and re-elected in 2000.

He was appointed a High Court Judge in 2000 and took charge of the competition list in 2004. As such he presided over all competition cases both civil and criminal. He made the first Declaration of Incompatibility under the European Convention on Human Rights Act, 2003, in the Transgender case of Foy –v- An t-Ard Chláraitheoir. 

Mr. Justice McKechnie was Chairman of the Valuation Tribunal from 1995 to 2000 and since 2002 has been the Chair of the Editorial Board of the Judicial Studies Institute Journal. He has been a member of the Courts Service Board and also of the Rules Making Committee

He was appointed to the Supreme Court in June 2010.

In 2010 he was elected President of the Association of European Competition Law Judges, which represents each of the 27 Member States of the European Union, as well as Judges from the Court of Justice and the General Court of the European Union and from the EFTA Court. He is the third President of the Association, following Sir Christopher Bellamy and Dr. Joachim Bornkamm.

He has written several papers, participated in and presided over many conferences and delivered the 4th Annual CCJHR Lecture at UCC on the 4th March 2010. He holds a Masters Degree in European Law.

He is a Bencher of the Honourable Society of King’s Inns.



Mac Menamin J 2014   


The Hon. Mr. Justice John Mac Menamin

Mr. Justice John Mac Menamin was born in 1952 in Dublin. He was educated in Terenure College and thereafter University College Dublin where he obtained an Honours degree in History in 1973. As a student he was a Council member of Free Legal Advice Centres, and was involved in running a centre in Ballyfermot. He qualified as a barrister in Kings Inns 1975 and was called to the Bar that year. He was called to the Inner Bar in 1991 and engaged in general practice specialising in Judicial Review work. He appeared and acted for a number clients before the Flood/Mahon Tribunal and acted for the Department of Health and members of the then Cabinet including the Taoiseach before the Ryan Tribunal. He was legal assessor to the Fitness to Practice Committee of the Medical Council for ten years. Having served on the Bar Council for four terms, he was elected Chairman, serving from 1997 to 1999. He was a director of the VHI from 1995 to 1997. Since his appointment to the bench in 2004 he has dealt primarily with judicial review matters. He was appointed a member of the Special Criminal Court in 2009. Since his appointment he has decided a number of cases with a human rights dimension, addressing issues as to the rights of asylum seekers, children in need of special care, treatment of prisoners, and unmarried fathers. He has published a number of papers and contributed to seminars especially with regard to family law and the law of children. He was in charge of the High Court Minors list for three years. He is Ireland’s representative on the CCJE, the Consultative Council of European Judges an advisory committee to the Council of Ministers of the Council of Europe. He is married to Lia O’Hegarty, formerly Legal Adviser to the Oireachtas, and now a consultant on legal and environmental issues. They have one child, and live in Dublin.



Dunne J 2014


The Hon. Ms. Justice Elizabeth Dunne

Ms. Justice Dunne was appointed to the Supreme Court in October 2013.

Charleton J 2014



The Hon. Mr. Justice Peter Charleton

Peter Charleton commenced practice at the Bar in 1979 and took silk in 1995.  From 2002 to his appointment to the High Court in 2006 he was counsel to the Morris Tribunal; a statutory enquiry which looked into misconduct in the Garda Síochána.  In the High Court he was assigned principally to the commercial list.

Mr. Justice Charleton was appointed to the Supreme Court in July 2014.  A Dubliner, he is married with children.  He has published papers in journals, including the Maastricht Journal of European and Comparative Law, the International Journal of Law and the Family, the Yearbook of the International Commission of Jurists, Intellectual Property Law and Policy, the Journal of Criminal Law, the Bar Review, the Journal of the Judicial Studies Institute of Ireland, the Irish Law Times, the Gazette of the Incoporated Law Society of Ireland and the Irish Criminal Law Journal.

His books include Irish Criminal Law (1999, Butterworths, with McDermott and Bolger), and an analysis of human destructiveness, Lies in a Miror: An Essay on Evil and Deceit (Blackhall Publishing, 2006).  He lectured from 1986 to 1988 in Trinity College Dublin, from which he graduated in 1980.  He is the Irish representative on the Colloque Franco Brittanique Irlandais.

Peter Charleton was a founder member of the RTÉ Philharmonic Choir and was chairman of the National Archives Advisory Council 2011-2016.



O'Malley I 2015



The Hon. Ms. Justice Iseult O’Malley

Ms. Justice Iseult O’Malley was born in 1964. She practised at the Bar for twenty-five years, mainly in criminal law and related areas.

She is a former Chairperson of the Refugee Agency and a former member of the Employment Appeals Tribunal and the Hepatitis C Compensation Tribunal.





The Hon. Ms. Justice Mary Finlay Geoghegan

Ms. Justice Finlay Geoghegan was appointed a judge of the Supreme Court in December, 2017. She was educated at the Convent of the Sacred Heart, Monkstown, University College Dublin (BA in Mathematics/Mathematical Physics, 1970) and the College of Europe, Bruges (1973). She practised as a solicitor from 1974 to 1979 before being called to the Bar of Ireland in 1980. She was appointed a Senior Counsel in 1988 and practised primarily in the areas of constitutional law, European law, administrative law and commercial law.  She was also called to the Bar of England and Wales (1987), the Bar of Northern (1989) and the Bar of New South Wales, Australia (1992). While at the Bar, she was a member of the Law Reform Commission, Head of the Irish Delegation to the Council of the Bars and Law Societies of European Communities (CCBE) and Chairman of the CCBE Standing Committee to the Court of Justice of First Instance. She was a member of the Constitutional Review Group; the Working Group on Qualifications for Appointment as Judge of the High and Supreme Courts; and Chair of the Incorporated Council of Law Reporting

Ms. Justice Finlay Geoghegan was appointed a judge of the High Court in 2002. She was an ad-hoc judge of the European Court of Human Rights from 2009 to 2010.  She chaired the Referendum Commission on the Thirty First Amendment of the Constitution of Ireland in relation to the rights of children (2012) and was a member of the Working Group on a Court of Appeal established by the President of the High Court (2013-2014). She was a member of the Superior Courts Rules Committee from 2016 to 2017. Ms. Justice Finlay Geoghegan was appointed a judge of the Court of Appeal in 2014 and a judge of the Supreme Court in 2017. She is a Bencher of King’s Inns (1996) and a Bencher of Middle Temple (2013) and is a member of the Standing Committee of the Council of King’s Inns and chair of the Law School Development Committee (2000 to date)

 Ms. Justice Finlay Geoghegan is the daughter of Thomas A. Finlay, former Chief Justice of Ireland. She is married to Mr. Justice Hugh Geoghegan, former judge of the Supreme Court.